Invasive species (human-induced)
Invasive_speciesAcross the globe, invasive species have caused extensive economic and ecological damage and are a significant factor in the endangerment and extinction of native species. As native species are lost so too are the potential cultural, subsistence, and other human uses of that biodiversity. Although biological invasions are less studied in the Arctic, invasive species have been reported in both aquatic and terrestrial environments. Arctic lands and waters have thus far remained largely intact and less invaded than more temperate environs, but are increasingly at risk of invasion. In terrestrial ecosystems, many invasive plants have been recorded along limited road systems and other altered habitats. There is less information on marine ecosystems but they are believed to be at increasing risk from shipping and offshore development activity. As climate change alters Arctic ecosystems and allows more human access and activity, the number of invasive species and the extent of their impacts in this region are likely to increase.