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  • ABA Arctic Biodiversity Assessment
  • ACIA Arctic Climate Impact Assessment
  • ASTI Arctic Species Trend Index
  • CAFF Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna Programme
  • CARMA CircumArctic Rangifer Monitoring and Assessment Network
  • CBD Convention on Biological Diversity
  • CBird Circumpolar Seabird Group of CAFF
  • CBMP Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program of CAFF
  • EEZ Exclusive Economic Zone
  • GNWT Government of the Northwest Territories
  • IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
  • IUCN International Union for the Conservation of Nature
  • LPI Living Planet Index
  • MPA Marine Protected Area
  • NDVI Normalized Difference Vegetation Index
  • NWT Northwest Territories
  • SST sea surface temperature
  • TEK traditional ecological knowledge
  • UNEP United Nations Environment Programme
  • UNESCO United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization
  • VME Vulnerable Marine Ecosystem